Needing bail bonds, Morris county resident James Nigel Heathenport made several phone calls. Having a business in bail bonds, New Jersey resident Richard Torndirk picked up the phone. Nigel was an honest man done in a shady deal. He signed the paper for a loan to a company his boss wanted to do business with. The boss was supposed to sign the papers, but was out that day with food poisoning and asked Nigel to sign the papers on behalf of the company. It fell within his ability and so he agreed, not knowing that the company was a sham and the boss was washing money. Nigel found out later that his name was all over the internal paper work forming the company. None of it was legitimate, but the interrogators were happy to let the lawyers do the work of sorting it out.

After his arrest Nigel contacted a lawyer and explained his case. The lawyer figured out two things, that Nigel was an innocent man being set up as a fall guy, and that the set up was professionally done. The lawyer suggested that Nigel consider a plea bargain for a light sentence but Nigel refused. He contacted Richard, explained his situation and the case, as he understood it. The judge had set a high bail despite it being Nigel's first offensive and that Nigel was a low flight risk. The judge attended the same country club as Nigel's boss.

Nigel collected his assets and managed to pay for the bond. Richard, feeling for his situation ,ave him the best deal he could manage. Free to roam the streets, Nigel began looking for a new and better lawyer. He managed to find a bulldog of a lawyer that increased up believing in social justice. This lawyer hated how the powerful often got away with their crimes while some poor schmuck took the fall. Nigel was a naive innocent but he was not with out talented skills. One of these skills was an ability to see patterns and make connections. Nigel was primarily a researcher and that made him a dangerous fall guy. It was one of the few mistakes the boss made.

Nigel was able to track down all the lose ends. He discovered a net work of people that would make millions on the deal while the company and shareholders took a bath. He discovered the judge on his case stand to make millions if he could keep everyone out of jail, and manage to keep all the blame squarely on Nigel's back.

If Nigel had been forced to stay in Jail, if he had been unable to make bail, it was unquestionably that he would have had the time to all the evidence he needed. It was only through his freedom that Nigel was able to spend the time going through company files, following key suspects and talking with the right informants. Nigel was able to bring down a sophisticated embezzling ring because he was out on bail.

Source by Connor R Sullivan



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