It’s that time of year again when Presidents and Governors grant pardons, give clemency, or provide reprieves to inmates.  Although this year, the pressure on Gov. Moonbeam (Brown) has accelerated exponentially!  It’s not one or two inmates receiving the coveted blessings – it may be 740 death row inmates, if the request from  6 other Governors is honored.  Each halted executions in their states before they left office, so they get it – but they probably didn’t commute 740 sentences in one fell swoop!  However, something’s gotta’ be done.timthumb

Either California builds more prisons to house these inmates (at a cost to taxpayers) of $395 million, and suffer a whopping $1 billion to run the prisons over the next 20 years ($90,000 per death row inmate), or convert them to lifers ($47,000 per year).  The latter saves taxpayers oodles of money – $150 million yearly to be exact.  It should be a no-brainer, Mr. Brown.

The last person to be executed in California was a 76 years old man, legally blind, diabetic and in a wheelchair. What a sight that must have been, and what a pathetic tribute to our justice system!

Here’s some thoughts on the death penalty – both pro and con. PRO: the threat of death can become, and usually is, a leverage point used to extract information as a trade-off for a life sentence.  CON: It’s cruel and unusual punishment, Pic3as evidenced per the lethal injection mishap done on Tookie Williams 2005, founder of the crips.  After 11 minutes of probing for veins in Tookie’s massive arms, a quick and painless death did NOT occur.  In fact he said, “you guys doing this right”?  That’s the problem with lethal injections.

To continue, according to writer Paige Austin, “since 1973, 164 men and women have been found innocent and released from death row nationwide. Hey, Gov. Brown, what are your thoughts – commute or condemn?  Nope, pass it on to the new “Guv.”

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By Sharla Esparza


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