Three months in jail for possession of ‘blue’ cotton candy!  This one’s for the books, and raises a serious question about law enforcement drug testing. Dasha Fincher was charged with possession of meth with intent to distribute – pardon me, cotton candy. Dasha had cotton candy in her backseat which melted and appeared to look like blue crystals. What happened next was a trucase of cops gone wild. cotton candy 1

The roadside drug test came out positive and she was given a $1 million-dollar bail with no prior criminal record. Not being able to afford the bail, she spent the next three months in jail.  

Law enforcement should be on high alert due to the current opioid crisis, but this situation is ridiculous. Crime labs across the country are backlogged and roadside testscotton candy 2 strike a plea deal, whether guilty of not, happen.   

Now, the courts have more people on probation, and the prospect of another offense is greater, due to the terms of the probation; albeit even a minor infraction can add to the length of the probationary term. All of this adds to the clogged and congested courts most states are currently experiencing.   

As for Dasha Fincher, she was held for 3 months and is now suing the state of Georgia. Crime lab testing proved her ‘blue’ crystals were nothing more than candy. I’m curious to see if civil suits will be the motivating factor to fix an obviously broken system.  

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