Denton Police Make Domestic Violence a Top Priority

Domestic violence is a crime that affects far too many families in North Texas and Denton County. The physical and emotional tolls of domestic violence can last for years, or even a lifetime. Most tragic of all are the cases where lives are lost due to abuse; the…

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A-EZ Out Bail Bonds is Now Serving Denton!

Dallas’s number one bonding company, A-EZ Out Bail Bonds, is now opening in Denton, Texas. Denton is home to two universities and an eclectic music and arts scene, attracting new residents from all over the United States. As of now, Denton is listed as the 8th largest…

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Public Benefits at Risk as Dallas Bail Reform Talks Continue

Texas Governor Greg Abbott called for statewide bail reform after officer Damon Allen was killed in 2017. The man who killed Allen was previously convicted of assaulting an officer in 2015, and ramming into a Smith County deputy’s car in 2017. He served one year in…

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How to Avoid Going to Jail With an Active Warrant

We all—well, most of us—know that feeling of dread reading that warrant notice. Whether it’s because you forgot (or, “forgot”) to pay for that traffic ticket, or you missed that court date, having an active warrant is no joke. Upon your next contact with law…

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Missed Work Because of Jail? How to Tell Your Boss

Jail is one of the worst things anyone can experience; and it’s even worse during the workweek, much less during working hours. Unfortunately, the law stops for no one; and if you get arrested right before work, well… tough luck. While the fact that it’s so easy to…

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Bail Someone Out of Jail—With Just a Credit Card

We often notice that most people don’t realize you can bail someone out of jail—via bail bond—with a credit card. We often work with families and friends of inmates in Dallas County Jail and other detention facilities throughout Collin County (and Fort Worth); this…

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3 Ways to Get a Bail Bond Without Paying in Full

If you’re in Texas and experienced a charge and arrest for a crime, you know just how expensive and time-consuming it is. This is especially true in Dallas County, as DFW is notorious for cracking down on crime—with expensive fines and fees. According to a national…

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What Are the Benefits of Using a Bail Bonds Service?

Bail bonds services can offer defendants numerous advantages over trying to deal directly with the courts. For starters, most accused persons have zero to limited knowledge of how the bond administrative process works. They don’t know the questions to ask or to whom…

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Should You Bail Them Out of Jail: Things to Consider

Perhaps nothing outside of a death in the family or divorce could send more shock waves than getting a call from a very close loved one telling you they’ve been arrested and needs help bonding out of jail.  Depending on the crime, it can alter the course of the rest…

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