“Ignorance of the law is no excuse,” and in the case of 22-year-old Shawna Andritch of Corona (below), her newborn baby girl, a day old, was found dead near I-15 in a cardboard box.Pic3  Ms. Andritch is facing murder charges for the death along with a $1 million dollar bail.  Had she only gone a mile further to the local fire station that displayed this logo (above), she would not be facing murder charges.  Her child would be alive.  Her case, ignorance.

Baby Safe Surrender: No Shame, No Blame, No Names! 2


Let’s go back to this incident in early August of this year.  The infant was wrapped in this shirt and authorities were hoping, via a news release, someone might recognize the distinctive pattern/owner of the shirt and call.  No response and Baby Jane Doe was buried.  Police and fire unions chipped in for the burial along with a new dress.  Then a tip came in.  Shawna and her 17-year old, presumed father of the baby, were arrested. How ironic; he’s a juvenile under the law.

Do you know there is a law, enacted in 2006 called, “Safely Surrendered Baby?”  It is to encourage the safe surrender of an infant within 72-hours of birth.  – no questions asked!  Fire Stations and Emergency Hospitals, showing the approved logo; a blue peaked roof with a baby cradled in a hand, will be displayed at the entrance of these designated places.  A free Safely Surrendered Baby Kit is requested, though optional.  It provides pertinent medical history and background.

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By Sharla Esparza


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